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JP Sensor Corporation Limited

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Our subsidiary, JP Sensor, is a leading IC and biometrics sensor design company. Our Research and Development Department is located in Taiwan. We employ experts from various countries and use sophisticated technology to initiate breakthrough ideas. We launched pressure fingerprint sensor in 2009 and are now providing fingerprint sensors with cutting-edge capabilities. We are fully committed to making lives more secure and convenient.

We fully believe that our one-stop-shopping platform offers an innovative orientation, an excellent quality-control system and incredible customer services for our valued business partners.


Our reliable algorithm paired with our affordable fingerprint sensor can be widely applied in a variety of industries, such as cellular phones, safety boxes, metro cards, banking cards, access control, and computer peripherals, among others.


JP2000 Capacitance Sensor
JP2050 Capacitance Sensor
JP2210 Capacitance Sensor
JP2650 Capacitance Sensor
JP2300 Sensor Module
JP2000 Bio Card


Sales and Marketing Contacts

Taiwan Office

Frank Kuo
Tel: (886) 226598608
Fax: (886) 26598607
Email: frank@jpsensor.com.tw

Keynes Wang
Tel: (886) 226598608
Fax: (886) 226598607
Email: keynes@jpsensor.com.tw

Hong Kong Office

Tel: (852) 2604 8299
Fax: (852)2693 2949

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